After receiving a positive pregnancy test result at the Pregnancy Help Center of Park City, we offer same day ultrasounds exams at no cost.

 They are performed by a licensed medical professional and overseen by a our Medical Director. 

The ultrasound will evaluate three important aspects of the pregnancy : 

Determine if the pregnancy is inside the uterus. A pregnancy outside the uterus is a life-threatening situation which requires immediate medical attention.

Determine how far along is the pregnancy and gestational age of the fetus

Look for signs of viability (that the pregnancy is capable of developing under normal conditions) including baby’s heartbeat which begins 21 days after conception. 

It is important to confirm if you are expecting a baby before making life choices.

An ultrasound  exam will determine the fetal gestational age, and your due date

What to Expect

There is no special preparation for your ultrasound exam. A specially trained sonographer will ask you a few questions relating to your pregnancy before the exam begins.

Most ultrasounds are fast and easy, with little discomfort.

After you are positioned on the examination table, the sonographer will apply some warm gel on your skin. The transducer will be held firmly against your skin and is moved back and forth over your lower abdomen until the desired images are captured.

Often in early pregnancy, a vaginal ultrasound is performed to obtain clearer images. A protective cover is placed over a special transducer and lubricated with a small amount of gel. The transducer is inserted into the vagina by the examiner, or you may be asked to insert it as you would a tampon. The sonographer will then obtain the desired images.

The pictures and report will be then be reviewed and read by a doctor.

After an ultrasound exam, you should be able to resume your normal activities immediately.

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