The goal of the Healthy Relationship Program is to promote effective communication skills by assisting participants to set appropriate boundaries, and to cultivate a culture of respect for self and others.  The Healthy Relationship Program is looking to partner with Summit County Health Department, Valley Mental Health, to collectively facilitate interactive sessions at the Park City High School in 2018. The sessions will engage the entire student body. In addition, group interactive sessions will be scheduled for selected students. The Pregnancy Help Center is strategically located within walking distance from the Park City High School and local business making us reachable to develop eye-to-eye relationships with nearby teenagers, locals and visitors. 


One of the most important goals of the Healthy Relationship Program is to encourage young people to refrain from casual sexual activity to prevent unplanned pregnancies and STD’s. Everyone is encouraged to seek a reliable source of non-judgmental and non-biased help if they think they might be pregnant.  The Pregnancy Help Center of Park City is available to provide factual information in a caring, non-biased and confidential way. 


In 2017, The Pregnancy Help Center of Park City received a donation of a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine to provide ultrasounds at no expense. For the Healthy Relationships Program, the center employs a licensed nurse who works under our licensed Obstetrician Gynecologist | OB/GYN .  The client advocate will educate the expectant mother about the choices available to her – parenting, adoption or abortion. During the client’s participation in the Healthy Relationship Program, the expectant mother can confirm that the pregnancy is taking place in the uterus, viability (heartbeat) and gestational age. The Healthy Relationship Program offers one-on-one support and education to expectant parents, their family or their support system through parenting coaching.


Free of charge appointments with a licensed family therapist, practicing at the Pregnancy Help Center, are available on Wednesdays. Texting with the therapist is available upon request within 24 hours. Mondays and Tuesdays the therapist offers discounted rate sessions. 



The Healthy Relationship Program is a safe place to those weighing up alternatives. 

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