Considering Adoption 

If you are considering adoption, here are some things to consider:

Adoption has come a long way. Years past, adoptions were done in secret or private, and most birth moms had no rights as to where their baby was placed, or the option to play a role in the life of her child. Today, adoption can still be closed, if that is preferred, but many women are looking at the vast array of open adoption plans, and finding a great resource for support and an on-going relationship with their child.

Sometimes expectant parents consider adoption when:  

+ Feeling they are not ready to parent

+ Facing an uncertain future that seems impossible to bring a child into

+ Facing extreme financial distress

+ Finding themselves with no support 

The Pregnancy Help Center of Park City is a confidential place to gather information while allowing you to process your doubts, questions and fears. If desired, we can provide referrals to adoption resources.  Staff, friends and volunteers of the center receives no nominal compensation for placed adoptions and adoptions referrals 

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